Fair Time Love Basic Gift Pk

15.00 USD

FairTime Love Another of my summer fragrances that just sings summer and young love of times past and future adventures to come of growing up and never growing old ferrie wheels and a first kiss. Fair time Love will whisk you away to new adventures and bring back old memories on a soft breeze of Wild berries,vanilla, roses and just a splash of apple and citrus Fair Time Basic Gift pk Contains: 1 16 oz Jar Fair Time Love Bath salts/ soak 1 4 oz Jar Fair Time Love sugar scrub 1 2 oz Bar Fair Time Love infused hand soap additional items may be added at discounted cost. Please contact Brandi Murphy at cometake5.com for special pricing details

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Ingredients: Epsom Salts, Pure sugar, All natural soap base,Bergamot,Wildberry,Vanilla essential oils,Vitamin E oil,Hibiscus, Rose,apple,orange peel Botanicals, coloring.