Summer Breeze Basic Gift Pk

15.00 USD

Summer Breeze Summer Breeze is my blend of warm summer breezes early spring. When everything is returning after a long winter sleep. This unique blend of Botanicals just calls for warm summer nights . It relaxes and sooth the body and mind and carries you along on a warm Summer Breeze Summer Breeze Basic gift Pk Contains: 1 16 oz Jar Summer Breeze bath salts/soak 1 4 oz Jar Summer Breeze sugar scrub 1 2 oz Bar Summer Breeze Infused hand soap additional items may be added at discounted cost. Please contact Brandi Murphy at for special pricing details

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Ingredients:Epsom salt, Pure sugar,All natural soap base, Rose essential oil,Apple,Hibiscus,Rosehip,elderberry,vanilla,rose petals,sour cherry Botanicals,coloring