Lavender Lush Basic Gift Pk

15.00 USD

Lavender lush is everything it name say it is infused with my lavender essential oils and fresh Lavender it is soft luxurious and relaxing the perfect way to end a stressful day it soothes those sore tired muscles and prepares you for a wonderful restful sleep allowing you to wake rested rejuvenated and ready to start the new day

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Basic Gift pk contains : 1 16 oz lavender Lush Bath Salt/Soak 1 4 oz Lavender Lush Sugar Scrub 1 2 oz Lavender Lush Infused Hand Soap additional items may be added at discounted cost. Please contact Brandi Murphy at for special pricing details Ingredients: Grape seed oil,Epsom salts,pure Sugar Lavender Essential oil, Coloring,Lavender Botanical, all Natural soap base