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 Hello My name is Brandi Murphy and Take 5 is my muse, my passion you might say . I’ve spent many years researching and developing my products partly  out  of the necessity. knowing what was in the products that I was using and  introducing into my own body and partly because of my love for all things  natural and holistic.Take 5 does just that ,it has helped me to find and nurture  my inner Goddess. It also has given me the peace of mind knowing that I know  exactly  what I’m putting in and on my families and My body, and that it is safe and working in harmony with my over all health welbeing and Natural balance. I have developed a product line that is made using 100 % pure essential oils and other all natural and toxic free ingredients for you and your loved ones. So in closing I want to welcome you to our site, and encourage you to let us help you 






                                                          ...and Take 5                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


Hello  and  welcome  to  my  website! Below  you  will  find  a  sampling  of  my  product  line, please  remember  that  the  line  is  always  growing  and  changing so please bookmark  it so that  you  can  come  visit  often.  Here  is  a list of  my current  pricing,  any  of  these  products and scents  below can  be  purchased  seperatly  or  in  a  gift  set.  Please click  on  my  Online store tab at the top of  this page to find complete discriptions and  your online shopping  cart.


Product line 

Bath Salts/Soak   16 oz  Jar  .....................................Starting  at  8.50

Sugar Scrub           4  oz Jar ....................................... Starting at   4.00

Infused Soap         2  oz Bar ....................................... Starting at   3.00

Orange Vanilla Dream

Orange   Vanilla  Dream

 Orange Vanilla Dream  is  a unique combination of orange and vanilla essential oil that will transport  you  to  a  more  innocent time  filled  with  warm summer days  and  the childhood  memory  of sprinklers, long  bike rides, orange cream Ice creams and  adventures shared  with  charished  childhood  friends.  It is  relaxing  and  refreshing  all poured  in to  one  complete  Jar  of  goodness. A must  for  all those who are young at  heart.

Orange Vanilla Dreams

Raspberry Mint 

What can be more refreshing then fresh from the vine summer raspberries and cool  mint? My salts, scrubs and soaps are all infused with fresh mint botanicals and raspberry to create the perfect moment of relaxation. Slide in to a tub of warm fragrant  water to rejuvenate and refresh after a long day. 

Raspberry Mint



Yes! We have  a line for the man in your life, it is called Renew and it has all the wonderful ingredients in it to keep that man in your life  healthy, happy and well balanced.

It is a unique blend of  cedarwood, peppermint  and eucalyptus essential oils that are blended into our bath salts, sugar scrubs  and  infused  soaps to create a  more earthy blend of fragrance that is  soothing  to both mind and body. Treat the man in your life to a little  pampering.


Lavender Lush 

Lavender lush is everything it’s name says it is infused with lavender essential  oil and  fresh lavendar botanicals, it is soft, luxurious and  relaxing. It soothes those sore, tired muscles and the lavender can prepare you for a restful sleep.

Lavender Lush

Lavender Oats 

The same Devine scent of our lavendar lush combined  with soothing oatmeal to help revitalize and  soften irritated skin and ease the tension and stressof  the  day . This Indulging mix of botanicals is great for the whole family.

Lavender Oats

Gold Rush

Mint Rush

Cosmic Coffee

Raspberry Mint

comming soon

Pumpkin Harvest

Wild Berry Cobbler

Fair Time Love

Seaport Mist

Comming soon

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Thank you again for visiting my site and if you’re  ever in Kansas come on by the shop and say hi, take a look around, catch up on all the new products, and  remember every one needs to

Take 5!                              


   Holiday Spoiler Alert 

I have already started  planning  for fantastic Fall, Christmas and  NewYear’s lines. Custom baskets and scents make for fabulous holiday gifts! It’s sure to be  a wonderful  holiday season!



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